Your Personal Mixing Guide

Hello Music Producer and Mixing Engineer,

MIX GUARD is your call-through to individual, on point mixing advice. Approaching one song at a time our in-depth walkthroughs will help you expose weak parts in your mix and avoid disappointment at mastering stage. 

The goal MIX GUARD is shooting for is on par with our moral compass: to treat your work and intellectual property with respect while helping you remove the obstacles that stand in the way of moving forward and delivering bolder, urgent and more confident mixes.


Take Out The Guesswork

Okay, this separates the men from the boys.

Unless you are listening on a phase-coherent full range monitoring system with nearly linear frequency curves in a room with optimized acoustics (add years of experience) you have no valid or reliable information on how your mixes translate on other speakers. 

Here is where MIX GUARD comes into play taking the guesswork out of your decisions.


Our Offer

Ears with years (of experience) will listen to your stereo track multiple times on multiple speakers- including world class, phase-coherent monitoring. Predicting the issues that will occur at a later stage if not corrected now MIX GUARD will pinpoint these obstacles and provide detailed information on what exactly should be improved.

In short: get everything out of the way that holds your mix back from performing best at mastering.

Your Takeaway

You will receive detailed notes in which MIX GUARD addresses imbalance in frequency bands, phase issues, imaging, mono compatibility, dynamic issues of individual signals or groups, loudness and LUFS issues.

All notes provided align to your song’s timeline for a better follow up so you understand clearly where in the song to improve what. For more information please read our FAQ.


Yes, I Want My Personal MIX GUARD!

Mix with confidence. Avoid costly revisions and disappointment at mastering.

1 Song

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4 Songs (1 Song for free)

$75 | €75


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10 Songs (2 Songs for free)

$150 | €150


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