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Hello DIY Artist! If you are reading these lines chances are your music is ready for the world to embrace but you don’t know what it takes to release it. Enter Slower Faster. Guiding your project we can take you through both all you need to know and what to avoid. Our music consultation services are available in English or German.

No-Nonsense Tiers

While music industry, as we used to know it, fades a bit more every day, new pr services and new ways arise literally every day. Never has it been easier to thrive in the new music industry and expose yourself, but not all services out there work for any artists. We used to burn our own budget on services that did not pay off. That made us understand what works and what doesn’t. We are excited to share our knowledge now by offering flexible, no-nonsense tiers that will save you money yet help you set the sails.




Slower Faster can develop your strategy and navigate your project in full through the complex and time-consuming process of releasing and promoting music, or we can help you on a short term basis and just show you the most efficient route.

Our Consultation Services


Fundraising is crucial for maximizing budget. It’s time-consuming work but launching your own campaign should be no. 1 priority on your way to releasing an album. We’re here to guide you throughout the pros and cons.

Music crowdfunding works differently to all other fundraising. It follows its own rules so knowing them and having the right timing is crucial for succeeding. Music crowdfunding is hard work and requires a good strategy prior to campaign start. 

Together we will develop your personal strategy and guide you throughout the campaign to secure you’ll reach your goal.

Consultation via Skype
35 € / h 

Fundraiser 101: How to run a music fund raiser successfully – ask anything you need to know. Get answers and clear instructions. Pay on a hourly basis for only as much consultation as you can afford.

For good price/performance ratio and gaining detailed, useful information that lead to building up a successful strategy a minimum of 3 or even better 5 hrs of consultation is recommended. 

350 € / 12 hrs (- 20%)

Full Package: We will develop your strategy and come up with a curated to-do list. Experienced one-on-one guidance prior to campaign start, and also throughout your campaign. 

Signature Story

Every artist have their story but not every story is worth to be told. Though media partners don’t waste time the good thing is that they all love a good story. So it all starts with your signature story. 

Discussing your music, possibly video storyboard(s) and your biography will lead to us working out what makes you stand out as an artist. To secure your story is intriguing and for best results we will then get in touch with trusted, professional writers who know how to write a biography that delivers–just so you can focus on your music. 

Let us help you make your own story stronger. Make it easy on your upcoming partners to click press play. 

Consultation via Skype
35 € / h 

Signature Story 101: Whatever it takes to come up with a compelling signature story – together we will work it out. Pay on a hourly basis for only as much consultation as you can afford.

For good price/performance ratio and detailed, useful information that allow for creating a strong signature story a minimum of 3 hrs of consultation is recommended. 

350 € / 12 hrs (- 20%)

Full Package: Based upon our research and following up to your vision and our discussions we will create a strong and intriguing story. Usually that’s time-consuming process. To complete the process you will receive one compelling biography (short and long version) in English written by a pro writer.



We believe that music consultation should be affordable especially to DIY artists on a tight budget. Transparency is key, that’s why you can book us on an hourly basis. And if you do need full service you can get the full package too – pick your choice.

Tight Budget or Full Package

Publicity & Radio

Your music is ready for the world to embrace and you’re about to set the album release date. Alas, apart from flooding inboxes of music bloggers with your emails you don’t know how to promote it? Blasting out physical copies yourself to radio stations isn’t the best idea ever to get your music up on radio? 

We will discuss with you all publicity options–print, online and radio. Because not every option is suitable for your release. Together we will work out the best strategy and recommend the right platforms & partners for pitching your music to media.

Our radio promotion service is available for German radio only. Radio airplay and data gained will be of value to your booker, for tour planning.

Consultation via Skype

Publicity 101: How to run a print/online/radio/publicity campaign – ask us anything you need to know. Get clear answers. Pay on a hourly basis for only as much consultation as you can afford.

35 € / h


Publicity Full Package: We do the math and develop an individual strategy for your publicity campaign. Targeting social media and online promotion we will also disclose what services will work best for your endeavour, and what to avoid. Hint: This service-tier does NOT include us running a full-blown campaign.

250 € / 8 hrs (-10%)


Radio Promotion in GER

Full Package: We will set the right route and strategy for your publicity campaign and get your music on German AM/FM radio. Your music will be listed in all relevant German radio archives (1.3k stations in total) for 3 month. While we cannot forsee which station/music director will be playing your music we can monitor results via MusicDNA and will report insight data to you.

1.000 € 

Also feel free to ask us to introduce your project to our publicity and radio promotion partners in the USA. 

Digital Distribution

You’re ready to upload your music to digital stores but you’re puzzled about terms and conditions related to digital distribution and music stores? ISRC, UPC, royalty collection, sync and copyrights are like a dark forest to you? Fear no more, we’re here to sort it all out.

Don’t worry about the dozens of digital distribution and streaming services. They do vary in pricing structure and service but we will analyze your needs and with regards to your fan base recommend the best solution. If you want us to handle all things digital distribution for you to focus on music we can also provide ISRC for your tracks and UPC for your album.

Tracking royalties will become easier and more efficiant for you. 

$ on request

Current & Past Work


“It’s Only Rock’n’Roll But We Fund It”.

Strategic and conceptual work on fund raiser for The Deltahorse’s full-length debut album to be released in 2016.

Consultation included developing a strong personal story and strategy prior to campaign start.

Guidance and support throughout the campaign. Mission successfully accomplished by reaching target goal on MusicRaiser.


The Deltahorse are an alternative/rocktronic band whose members have never altogether been in the same place at the same time. We helped release their full-length debut album “Transatlantic” on Sep 30, 2016. Publicity in the USA has been orchestrated by pr firm Team Clermont. 

Peaking at #158 on CMJ College Radio 200 Charts in October 2016, TRANSATLANTIC gets praises by AM/FM radio stations and media publications in the United States, Canada, UK, Australia, Portugal, Germany, Austria and Argentina, further cementing the trio’s reputation as a genre-defying, unique sounding band. 


Press clippings

“Laddish swagger. Really resonates with us.” – BBC, UK

“Hailing from Berlin, Boston, and Belfast respectively, the band blends their multicultural influence via file swapping from their homes into an insane musical force to be reckoned with.” – Impose Magazine, USA

“A vibe unlike anything else being played right now.” – Innocent Words, USA

Cover and Art Direction by Iban Illarramendi Echabe for Arroka Design, Zarautz – Spain.


Conceptual work on one-shot video for single “Call It A Day” supporting The Deltahorse’s debut release on Sep. 30, 2016. 

Shot on location in Northern Ireland

Director: Pedro Pereira 

Video edit: Slower Faster

Press impressions

“There’s always a certain risk of one-shots not working out, but the Deltahorse aren’t looking for easy answers, just the questions that burn. Consequently, “Call It a Day” turned out raw, plain, spirited and with a sense of humor—the surprise is there’s no surprise in here.” – Elmore Magazine, USA



Release of The Deltahorse’s debut EP feat. former Australian singer TJ Eckleberg. With the help of American publicity firm Team Clermont “Hey Yuri”, the EP’s single premiered in November 2013 with Beats Per Minute (USA).

Press impressions

“Nothing but intriguing, unlike anything else youʼre bound to come across this year.” – CHRIS KUBAK, Striker Bill, USA

“One of the more unique sounds.” – WILLIAM HELMS, The Joy of Violent Movement, USA

“Mammoth slabs of thunderous bass, sax riffs, and thudding melodies.” -JOSHUA PICKARD, Beats Per Minute, USA

Cover and Art Direction by Shane McGuigan and A Graphic Practice, Berlin.



Release of The Deltahorse’s single “Easy Life” introducing new singer Vadim Zeberg, in November 2014. Song premiered with The Big Takeover (USA), alongside banner ads on Pitchfork.

Press impressions

“Colley’s sax still slithers and insinuates itself under your skin, while Sash’s bass guides the song along on its inevitable course and Zeberg’s voice presides over the whole affair from somewhere in the upper atmosphere.” – JOSHUA PICKARD, Nooga, USA

“This new version of The Deltahorse is sleeker and sexier than their past incarnation. You’re not going to find another group out there that sounds quite like The Deltahorse.” – ALEX DANIEL, Earbuddy, USA

“Animal magnetism sizzling under its hooves in every second.” – TOBIAS L. THALER, Brout und Bruusman, Germany

Cover and Art Direction by Shane McGuigan and A Graphic Practice, Berlin.


Focusing on “Self-Distribution And Promotion” our very own Sasa has been contributing to German pro audio magazine KEYS by writing a series of workshops for them in 2016. 

We believe that these articles are of great value to German DIY-Artists that want to know more about publicity and improve their marketing strategy.


German read only. Articles published in magazine issues 01-06 in 2016. 

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